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Kaiyō, Peruvian Nikkei, is an exploration of two cultures, immersed in flavors and ingredients, prepared to delight your senses. Kaiyō seeks to share a story of immigration and embracing a new culture, while conveying the passion of one's roots. Join us and we will share this story with you.  

Colorful, creative, and flavorful Japanese-Peruvian (just don’t call it “fusion”) cuisine. Kaiyo, the new Nikkei-inspired restaurant on Union Street, may very well be putting out the best (and most beautiful) food we’ve eaten in all of 2018. Nikkei is Japanese-inflected Peruvian food that first came about when Japanese workers went to Peru to build railroads in the 1880s, although Kaiyo’s version feels very California thanks to the focus on amazing local ingredients.

Truly, everything on the menu is worth ordering, but you absolutely cannot skip the Hokkaido scallop tiradito, the Japanese bluefin tuna, the smoked duck breast sashimi with shaved foie gras torchon, the Japanese mentaiko pasta with clams and pork, or the cusquena-brined Mary’s chicken. Kaiyo’s vibrant interior perfectly pairs with the colorful dishes and cocktails, and though we do love the bright green living wall and yellow leather banquettes, it’s hard to resist the heated patio if seats are available.
— Thrillest SF
At Kaiyo, chef Michelle Matthews (Whitechapel, 15 Romolo) is leading the kitchen, with a menu of Japanese dishes heavily influenced by Peru, but with California ingredients woven throughout. For example, Hokkaido scallop dish incorporates leche de tigre (a classic marinade used in Peruvian ceviche) with passionfruit and sweet potato purees. The menu is composed of crudos with both ceviches and tiraditos (very similar to ceviche, but with sashimi), oysters, nigiri sushi and rolls, and an izakaya section of fried and hot items. There’s also a large format selection for four to six people, and a section of anticuchos, Peruvian street snacks like beef heart skewers.
Union Street just got quite the new looker (and taster!): meet KAIYŌ, a unique concept that features a spin on Nikkei cuisine, a Japanese-inspired style of Peruvian cuisine. A perfect example of this culinary crossover is the Hokkaido scallop tiradito (served raw), with passionfruit leche de tigre, sweet potato purée, chia, and pickled red onion. The appealing menu includes crudos, a variety of sushi-style rolls, nigiri, and sashimi (with exquisitely sourced and prepared seafood); a variety of 12 small plates (like rock shrimp tempura and rich Japanese mentaiko pasta with clams, Kurobuta pork, Parmesan, lime, and spicy cured fish roe), anticuchos (skewers from the grill, including classic beef heart) and shareable dishes like lobster paella and grilled chicken (half or whole). The menu has more than enough to appeal to all kinds of diners.
Union Street gets a serious boost with this new spot from John Park — you may already know his work from Whitechapel and Novela, which he co-owns. Here, the focus is Nikkei cuisine: a Japanese take on Peruvian eats. (And drinks, with both Japanese whiskey and Peruvian pisco well represented.)
— Inside hook